Richie Raffle Biotech (P) Ltd was the outcome of a vision - of a "live natural"

Founded in 2007 by a small group of highly committed professionals, Richie Raffle started off as a food and nutrition company. The biotech arm, Richie Raffle Biotech (P) Ltd was the outcome of a vision -of a "live natural" in 2008 saw this new company commencing operations with a single unit manufacturing natural sweetners at Mahabubnagar. The brand "Sweetlife", launched by Richie Raffle was the first natural sweetener to be introduced in south india.

Our cost effective manufacturing capabilities and loyal customers spurred the company to enter into the baby food products segment. In less than a decade Richie Raffle with manufacturing facility in Mahbubnagar, India, has evolved into a knowledge driven company manufacturing active food products. With a core focus on R&D and a multi-product portfolio, it is emerging as a company to be reckoned with in the active foods segment.

The food product business at Richie Raffle is a systematically organized divisional structure with a focused team for key markets. Leveraging on its smart manufacturing infrastructure for Health & baby foods, wide and diversified basket of products and confidence of its customers, it aims to achieve the number one position in near future. Richie Raffle's unit for formulations are designed to meet the requirements of both advanced as well as emerging market opportunities.

Richie Raffle has ventured into bio world in association with scientists from world class universities. Company with a vision to encourage green products in household and commercial segments has started its research in diversified products like washroom Cleaner, Waste Water Treatment, Poultry and Effluent Treatment. With a well equipped research and quality labs , we has launched our products commercially in 2014. We make use of world class R&D service providers for our product tests and certifications. Our products tested in government approved and NABL accredited laboratories by Indian regulatory agencies such as fassi , ISO 22000 & The Indian GMP certification is also under process and we expect to receive that shortly.

Richie Raffle with its wide range of Health & Baby food products and Bio products owns the trademark assets for its Natural sweetener brand SWEETLIFE and Bio products with a brand name of “BIORICO”. Our Purpose unifies us in a common cause - a growth strategy that involves improving more lives in small but meaningful ways each day. This inspires team Richie Raffle to make a positive contribution everyday .Our Values reflect the behaviors that shape how we work with each other and with our partners. And Our Principles articulate Richie Raffle’s unique approach to conducting our day-to-day business.

Richie Raffle's objective is to provide the best in class natural products to its customers and become one of the most recognized name in its class.

Our Mission, Vision and Values:


Innovation in the area of natural health and nutrient products is our mission. Our biggest strengths are our quality, our processes, our staff and our services.


To be one of the top 10 organizations in the natural and organic product space with determined focus on improving the health of our customers and quality of their lives naturally.

Our Values

We have values that we strongly believe in:

Only Natural - Nature is so bountiful, it has a solution for any problems that we have. We value this ability of nature. Our products are 100% natural.

Respect - We respect nature, her products, our staff, our processes, our quality and our esteemed customers. This respect is what makes us come out with the best products.

Quality - It is easy to provide solutions, but quality solutions is something we stringently follow. No wonder we have such a high customer retention rate. Once a RR customer, always a RR customer

Safety - Nothing can compromise on the safety of our staff or our products. We know the value of our people and our products. Always 100% safe.

Integrity & Transparency - Two values that we hold close to our heart. We know that unless we are true to ourselves and to our customers, we can’t do well. A transparent company is a company that is able to deliver on its promises. We are transparent, so we deliver!

Message From MD:

We care about our customers. (Our customers mean the world to us.)

Richie Raffle’s primary focus is health & nutrition. For over 8 years now, we have had only one goal - to not only meet, but surpass our customers’ expectations. We are in a world where regulations are more demanding and competition more fierce. This asks for instant, flexible and competitive solutions.

We are determined to not only face, but overcome all these challenges. Our goal is to deliver health benefits through best quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our objective is to find natural solutions for the betterment of your health. We aim to provide long term solutions by using the best technology know-how and thorough professionals within our organization for all manufacturing processes. The mantra for this is innovation and improvement along our organization and processes.

One of our core strengths is our R & D. Our capabilities in quality and operations are something that we are proud of. We believe that these elements combined as a potent whole will maximize results and enable us to deliver what we commit to.

If you are looking at improving your results by focusing on your strengths, we are willing to offer you our services. We have full faith in our ability to deliver the goods.

We look forward to a fruitful relationship with our partners. If you have the questions, we have the solutions. We welcome you to a long lasting partnership with you.