About Us

Richie Raffle Biotech (P) Ltd was the outcome
of a vision - of a "live natural"

Founded in 2007 by a small group of highly committed professionals, Richie Raffle started off as a food and nutrition company. The biotech arm, Richie Raffle Biotech (P) Ltd was the outcome of a vision - of a "live natural" in 2008 saw this new company commencing operations with a single unit manufacturing natural sweetners at Mahabubnagar. The brand "Sweetlife", launched by Richie Raffle was the first natural sweetener to be introduced in south india.

Innovation in the area of natural health and nutrient products is our mission. Our biggest strengths are our quality, our processes,
our staff and our services.
To be one of the top 10 organizations in the natural and organic product space with determined focus on improving the health of our customers and quality of their lives naturally.
Our Values
Only Natural - Nature is so bountiful, it has a solution for any problems that we have. We value this ability of nature. Our products are 100% natural.
We care about our customers. (Our customers mean the world to us.)

Richie Raffle’s primary focus is health & nutrition. For over 8 years now, we have had only one goal - to not only meet, but surpass our customers’ expectations. We are in a world where regulations are more demanding and competition more fierce. This asks for instant, flexible and competitive solutions.We are determined to not only face, but overcome all these challenges. Our goal is to deliver health benefits through best quality products and services at competitive prices.
Our objective is to find natural solutions for the betterment of your health. We aim to provide long term solutions by using the best technology know-how and thorough professionals within our organization for all manufacturing processes. The mantra for this is innovation and improvement along our organization and processes.